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Safety Patrol

What is Safety Patrol?

Safety Patrol is one of three organizations that are available to 4th grade students.  Safety Patrol allows 4th grade students to assist our faculty with student supervision.  The positions where we will use our Safety Patrol will be during arrival and dismissal in car rider lane and bus lane.  We will also use students to assist with hallway and lunch supervision.  We have 35 students participating in Safety Patrol.  


If your child has morning Safety Patrol, please DO NOT drop them off early.  We do not have faculty in place for student supervision until 7:45 a.m. unless they participate in the Early Morning Childcare program.  


We can not post student names on our website.  If you would like to know your child's rotation assignments, you can ask him/her or you can email me.  Thanks for your support with NSE, a Great Place to Be !!!


"Be SAFE" is one of our four PBiS expectations for NSE.  At NSE, we expect our Safety Patrol students to possess and demonstrate the highest standard for student safety.