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About Mrs. Gill

Welcome to the new year!  I am so excited and can't wait to start this year!
Just wanted to let you know a little about me.  I was born and raised in New Jersey, where I met my husband of 19 years.  We moved and lived in San Francisco, CA for 5 years before moving to Houston in 2006.  Here is where I had my beautiful daughter and became a stay at home mom.  After she turned 5 and started kindergarten, I knew I needed to get back into teaching.  I spent a few yeas substituting here at MISD.  Then in 2015, I took on the full-time position as ESL aide at NSE.  I currently wear a few hats here at NSE.  My main one is ESL in-class support, but I also work with some of our inclusion students, plus I also work with the Daycare Pre-K.
A few of my favorite things are as follows.... anything Harry Potter, Baking, Starbucks or any coffee, the color Blue, Crafting of all sorts, anything related to Fall and Penguins.