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Choir Expectations

NSE 4th and 5th Grade Choir Expectations


Choir Students are 4th or 5th grade students who love to sing, want to be a part of a team, and enjoy performing with a group.  Students in choir work hard, learn choral technique, and strive for excellence.  All members must be passing all subjects in school and have excellent behavior and citizenship.  Choir students represent NSE in our community and therefore must exemplify our very best at all times.  Choir students must commit to rehearsals and performances.  


Uniforms: Students new to choir or who require a new size will need to bring a check for $28 payable to NSE to pay for a black polo shirt ($16) and a choir t-shirt ($12).  The choir uniform includes a black polo shirt, khaki pants (tan), and dark, comfortable, close-toed shoes (athletic shoes are fine). Students must provide their own khaki pants and shoes.  Girls should not wear large bows or hair ornaments, and hair should be neat and out of faces. Choir t-shirts are to be worn with jeans and tennis shoes.  Please wear jeans that are solid denim material (all the same color) Jeans with holes are not allowed.  T-shirts may be worn on choir rehearsal days, on school performance days, and to some events as posted. Students in correct attire only will be allowed to perform with the choir.  


Rehearsals are on Wednesdays before school from 7:30-8:15.  (If a student arrives before 7:25 a.m., they will be placed in daycare and charged for the babysitting.) Students must go immediately to the music room.  Attendance is taken at rehearsals.  Attendance is important at all rehearsals.  Arriving on time is important for every rehearsal and event. Please keep the director informed in advance when your student cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances. No more than 2 missed rehearsals prior to performances are allowed.


Information is posted on our webpage regarding performance dates, times, and attire.  Other specific information is also listed.  Please check the choir webpage frequently for more information and updates. :Parents, please sign up for REMIND for choir! Timely information regarding programs and direct communication with the director are important!


Parents need to sign that they have read and understand the information provided on the Choir Information form.