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Bettie Atchley

Titles: Dyslexia, Teacher - Intervention, Teacher - Intervention

Kelli Berillova

Titles: 3rd Grade ELA/SS, Teacher - Elementary, Teacher - Elementary

Vanessa Berna

Titles: Reading Intervention, Teacher - Intervention, Teacher - Intervention

Alyssa Boyd

Titles: 2nd Grade ELA/SS/SCI, Teacher - Elementary, Teacher - Elementary

Deanna Broadway

Titles: Aide - SP ED Life Skills, SPED Aide II, Aide - Instructional Assistant

Cara Butler

Titles: SPED Aide II (One on One)

Jaime Cantrell

Titles: 2nd Grade Math, Teacher - Special Education, Teacher - Special Education

Lauren Carlisle

Titles: Kindergarten, Teacher - Elementary, Teacher - Elementary

Keri Cook

Titles: Special Education - Lifeskills, Teacher - Special Education, Teacher - Special Education

Michelle Couch

Titles: Early Morning Childcare Lead, Cafeteria Monitor/EMCC, Early Morning Childcare, EMCC & Cafeteria Monitor