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Welcome to NSE! It truly is a great place to be!

6:30-7:35 AM Early Morning Childcare ARRIVAL

NSE EMC parent drop-off begins in the back of NSE.

You must register online for this program.

Please follow NSE’s following campus protocols for car rider drop-off:

  • Parents can drop off in the back of NSE (the bus lane).

  • Parents will pull to the unloading area and stay in vehicle as student exits.

  • An NSE staff member will be there to greet each student and to make sure he/she gets inside NSE safely.

  • Upon entering the cafeteria, students will check in with the cafeteria staff waiting inside and will either be seated OR have the opportunity to purchase breakfast (7:30 or after).


  • Bus transportation will be available each day. You can check your child’s bus route here along with instructions on how to log in. Buses are scheduled to arrive on campus between 7:45 AM and 8:30 AM.

  • Car riders will begin exiting vehicles in the front of NSE when a staff member signals unloading (beginning at 7:45).

    • NOTE: Please look for communication from your child’s teacher requesting from you the mode of transportation for drop-off and pick-up at NSE. Please send a note (handwritten or email) or call the front desk to make a transportation change before 2:45 every day so we can ensure that your child’s teacher receives the message in time and that we can follow through with your request.

Tardy Bell

8:30 AM

All students arriving to school after the 8:30 bell must stop at the front desk to pick up a tardy slip.

Academic Hours

8:30 AM - 3:40 PM


All students need a backpack. Rolling backpacks are not allowed for safety reasons.


Breakfast and lunch are available for purchase each day from our cafeteria.

  • Student Breakfast: $1.25
  • Adult Breakfast: $2.75
  • Student Lunch: $2.45
  • Adult Lunch: $4.25


Please remember to follow the MISD dresscode which can be found at It addresses these topics:

  • Hair color . . . No brightly dyed hair; Natural colors only (red, black, brown, blonde)
  • Hairstyle . . . No mohawks or shaved designs in hair
  • Shorts . . . Shorts should be longer than dropped fingertips.
  • Spaghetti straps . . .Straps on shirts should be at least 3 fingers wide (girls)


Students will continuously be encouraged to practice great hygiene by washing their hands and using the hand sanitizer stations installed in all the classrooms and cafeteria.

Labels & Backpack Tags

Please label your student's backpack, lunchkit, supply box, etc. PreK-2 students will receive a hard, plastic ID tag. It will be attached to the backpack so that our staff and bus drivers can identify your student quickly.


If you are coming to eat lunch with your child, please check in at the front office. Our parent dining area is in the PreK/K/1st hallway facing the outdoor learning center. Feel free to use the picnic table outside as well unless that area is closed for the day!


It is not required for elementary students to wear a face-covering/mask, but all are welcome to do so for safety reasons.


Keep reading! Keep reading! Keep reading!


Students should bring a water bottle and a snack every day. The time of snack will be determined by the teacher. If the teacher requests snack donations, they must be store-bought and completely packaged (nothing homemade or opened).

All visitors to campus must check in at the front office and wear the nametag given at all times. We want to know who is with us always, so please remember to keep your nametag on and visible.



  • Bus rider dismissal

    • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to load their buses when the all-call over the loud speaker for each arriving bus is made.

    • PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade teachers will walk their students to the buses to ensure they are getting on the correct bus.

    • Younger elementary students will sit in the front and older in the back.

  • Car rider dismissal

    • NSE registered hangtags (maroon and white) are required for a car rider parent to pick up a student in the car rider line. Please hang your tag on your rearview mirror so the car rider caller can see your number.

    • When you join our car rider line, please pull behind the next waiting car. **We do have 8 previously-purchased car rider spots from our PTO raffles, so those spots in the very front of the line are the 8 cones in front of NSE. PTO will be auctioning these spots to 8 bidding families very soon!

    • Each student will be dismissed from his/her grade's lines in the front hallways as name/number are called.

    • NO CELL PHONES in the car rider line! We want the safest environment for our students and staff at all times!
    • Please do not get out of your car while waiting for your student. We will ask you to pull forward if for some reason your student comes out later.

    • As we usually have about 120 car riders . . . thank you for your patience in the car rider line!

We look forward to seeing your student at NSE no matter how he/she comes to school! Questions not answered? Please see the MISD website for more information OR contact your child’s teacher for any questions or concerns regarding drop-off or pick-up. Have a Fantastic 22-23!