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Hello NSE Families

My name is Bridget Mais. I began my teaching career in 2013, and have been a kindergarten teacher at Nichols Sawmill Elementary since 2015. I consider myself not just a teacher, but an advocate for young people. I am a graduate from
Sam Houston State University and hold a Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies degree. I am certified to teach Pre-K through Sixth Grade with an ESL certification.

My goal as an educator is to create a rigorous and nurturing experience in order to instill a lifelong love of learning in each of my students.

My belief in regards to teaching is to create an environment of high standards that students will learn from and embrace the value of exploration, investigation, discovery, and creativity.

My vision as an educator is to help children become excited about school, encourage them to ask questions about the world around them, teach them how to be self-sufficient problem solvers, and see the power in knowledge!

Everyday I feel blessed to be in the field of education and am very passionate about teaching.