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Welcome back, and good luck this comming year in 5th grade science at NSE!!!
Things to know:
1).     Your child will learn science through the district adopted STEMscopes curriculum.  This is an online program that allows students to engage in learning at home as well as school.  They will be able to explore science at their own leisure at home if desired empowering them to better understand science and ways they can actually use it in day to day activities.
2).     5th grade will be the first STAAR tested year for Science, the students will learn through hands on exploration as they follow the scientific process.  Many activities will be group oriented and require each student to take on a role that serves his or her own science lab group.
3).     We will learn how how to apply many previously explored concepts in real world applications in addition to many new scientific concepts.  The goal is to increase the child's level of critical thinking as they take ownership of their findings and demonstrate where they can go from there with these exciting new findings.
4).     Our end goal is to have become excited about exploring how things work, understand how things work as well as understanding what we can do to continue making our world a better place.