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Welcome to my class! I know we are going to have an exciting year.

About Me:

I came to Magnolia ISD from Klein ISD where I taught 5th grade mathematics for three years. I have been in education for 24 years - 12 as a curriculum specialist (math, science, and technology), 8 as a fifth grade teacher, 3 in fourth grade, and one in Information Technology. I have taught in Alief, Spring Branch, and Klein ISDs before finally coming to teach in the same community in which I live.

My students will pick up on my interests very quickly. I am an avid science fiction fan and love to read. I am also a self-professed computer geek and proud of it. I even achieved a Master's in Computer Information Systems. In addition to loving computers, I also love martial arts. My husband and I own a martial arts studio over in "new" Magnolia. I am a black belt in the Chuck Norris System.

About my family:

I have been married for 23 years to a wonderful man and 7th degree black belt (under Chuck Norris). My husband and I both earned education degrees from Sam Houston State University. Our foster daughter, Kat, now married and in the army, also graduated from SHSU. She earned her Master's degree in medicine through the army and now works as a physician's assistant with the army. Her husband flies the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Black Hawk for the army and is a combat veteran. They have a daughter, Sarah, who is 1 and a big fan of food and "tweet tweets"

Our firstborn, Gabby, graduated The Magnolia High School in 2017. She was a two-time drum major for the MHS band and is a black belt in karate. She is attending Sam Houston State University in the 2017-18 academic year. Our youngest daughter, Danni, is attending Bear Branch 6th grade. She enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing Minecraft. She is close to earning her black belt in karate as well.

Stay informed:
Be sure to sign up for my Remind messages. During the school year, I will use the following account for my homeroom and my switch class.


Recent Posts

Why Doesn't It Work?

Instead of telling them what's wrong, it is a lot better to remind them what areas should be checked. This will lead them to some basic troubleshooting skills down the road. For example, "why don't I see a picture on my T.V.?" Kids should be able to list the possible points of failure and go through and check the basics - both ends of the cables (are they plugged in?), the power cord (is it plugged in?), the source of the signal (is it on?), the source of the electricity (is the power strip on?), etc.

It's a Conductor!

On day 1, students discovered how to design a closed circuit that would light a small bulb. On day 2, students opened the circuit and placed objects in the gap to test which objects would close the circuit and conduct electricity. They knew it worked when the light bulb lit up!

Place Value Discourse

The students were actively engaged in discussing how to compare their decimals. They used our new place value discs to explore the value of the numbers. Sometimes a loud math classroom is a wonderful thing!

Tens vs. Tenths

The students are using their place value discs to justify their positions in a debate over tens vs. tenths.

Gingerbread House Project

The students were given materials and instructed to design and build "gingerbread" houses made of graham crackers. They worked together on their designs, but created their own houses.